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Freedom Middle

Dekalb County Schools

Young Ladies of Determination


Young Ladies of Determination (YLOD) is a school-wide leadership mentoring group offered to all young ladies in grades 6-8th. The purpose of YLOD is to provide an environment where young ladies are able to feel connected and part of an organization that promotes positive thinking, positive behavior, character building and empowerment. In order to be part of YLOD, our young ladies must

  • Demonstrate Good Behavior
  • Maintain Good Grades
  • Have positive teacher recommendations
  • Serve as leaders in the building
  • Engage in school wide community service activities

Through YLOD, our girls are invited to attend leadership conferences, engage in weekly self-esteem building activities, and serve the school-wide community during special events and assemblies. Girls for this group are chosen through panel interviews and glowing recommendations from teachers. Dues for YLOD are $40 per school year.

Girl Talk – is a preventative education and therapeutic program designed to:

  • Inspire and promote self-love, self-esteem, and motivation
  • Develop life skills, healthy copy skills, and positive decision making
  • Keep girls who are at risk out of the influence of gangs and drugs
  • Inspire girls to further educational dreams and goals

This organization engages interactive, fun and preventative educational strategies that will lead to a positive self-image. All young ladies that are interested in Girl Talk must have a desire to change faulty thinking and bad behaviors. They must also take the vision and mission of this organization serious and have a commitment for change. Girls that become a part of Girl Talk are usually referred by an Administrator or recommended by a teacher or parent. Girl Talk Dues are $25 per school year.