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Social Studies

Social Studies, at the most basic level, is the study of people. Through required courses that include content from history, geography, political science and economics, students are provided with a basic background and critical thinking skills necessary to become effective and productive citizens. The social studies curriculum enables students to develop the ability to make informed decisions that balance concern for individual interests and the public good in a culturally diverse and interdependent world.
In each course, there are units of focus. Under each unit focus there are connecting themes that are used to tie units together. These themes are connected to larger enduring understandings that transcend units and courses. Ultimately, the enduring understandings are what students will take from a course that applies to life on a daily basis.
At Freedom Middle, we offer the following courses: 
• 6th Grade World Studies – with a focus on Latin America and Canada, Europe and Australia.
• 7th Grade World Studies, with a focus on Africa, South West Asia (Middle East) and Southern and Eastern Asia.
• 8th Grade Georgia Studies, with a focus on Georgia.
An excellent education in social studies is essential to civic competence and the maintenance and enhancement of a free and democratic society. Teaching and learning in social studies are powerful when they are meaningful, integrative, discovery-based, challenging, and active.
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