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Freedom Middle

Dekalb County Schools

FMS Morning Show


Fantastic Freedom Morning Show is back this year! The morning show allows selected students 6-8 grade get hands on experience with being a news anchor by spreading the word about the fantastic events that happen here at Freedom. It also gives students an opportunity to put their technical skills to use by learning behind the scenes ins and outs, such as video editing using iMovie.

Please take a moment to review some frequently asked questions about the morning show.

Is the morning show recorded live?

The morning show is NOT a live recording. It is recorded one day before it is sent out to everyone. Recordings are everyday at 1:30 in room 301.

How do I show the morning show to my students?

As of now, the morning show videos will be emailed to you every day and appear in your inbox or the Freedom Middle School All group no later than 8:35am. You may subscribe to this group if you want the videos directly sent to your inbox. Simply open the attachment to play the video for your students.

What time am I expected to play the video?

We are expected to play the morning show video every day around 8:40am, usually after the pledge of allegiance. Dr. Boston will also inform you when to play the video.

Will the morning show take the place of morning announcements over the PA system?

Yes, but there could be important announcements that administration may need to make over the PA system before students view the morning show.

How and when do I need to submit an announcement to be read on the morning show?

All teachers who wish to have an announcement read, must fill out an announcement form (see attachment above) and submit this form to Mr. Hogan via email or in person ONE DAY IN ADVANCE.

If I have students who are apart of the morning show team, how will this impact their loss of class time?

The goal is to have students recording on a specific day, only 1 day a week and will be on a two week rotation. This was done to avoid students missing too much class time. Students are to report to room 301 at 1:30 on their day. However, we understand that students may have an important assessment or need to remain in class for that day. A calendar will be sent to those teachers who have students apart of the morning show.

If there are any more questions or suggestions, please contact either

Mr. Hogan, Mrs. Oldham, Mrs. Taylor, or Mrs. Walsh.