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Freedom Middle

Dekalb County Schools

Spanish Club

Bienvenidos to FMS Spanish Club 2016-2017!

Hola! As members of the Spanish Club students explore various aspects of Hispanic culture including language, food, culture, crafts, and holidays. We meet monthly after school in room 306. We get involved in many different activities and crafts to learn more about Hispanic culture! Spanish Club is a fun extracurricular activity for any middle school student. Some activities of our Spanish Club include:

-Movies -Spanish karaoke -Arts and crafts -Crafting Guatemalan bracelets, ojos de Dios, papel picado, piñatas etc... -Designing T-Shirts –Making & exploring Hispanic foods such as tacos and tortillas españolas -Educational field trips etc.

Eligibility requirements: Who can join?
Spanish Club is for all Spanish-language students or other students who have a genuine interest in the Spanish culture

How to become a member?
See Señora Fomekong in R.306 to pick up the necessary paperwork.

There are no activity fees to join the Club. It's FREE!

Every 1st Monday of the month from 4:00 -4:45 See Application form for detailed information about the upcoming calendar of events.